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NMC Book Club

The Hating GameMission

NMC's Book Club allows student readers the opportunity to discuss and read all types of literature. We encourage low-stress purposeful reading with an optional discussion format each month.

2020 Reading List

The next book will be a personal choice, and should be read over the winter break and beginning of the Spring 2020 semester. The discussion will take place at the February 6, 2020 meeting.

Future Book Selection: TBD

Meeting Times

  • Thursday, April 9 @ 5 p.m.

discussion guidelines for participants

Due to the increasing size in the number of participants in the book discussions, it is recommended that all members of the NMC Book Club agree to the following guidelines in order to give everyone a chance to contribute to the discussion:

  1. Let everyone around the table have a turn to speak.
  2. Listen carefully to what is being said by others.
  3. Refrain from interrupting and/or monopolizing conversation.


Main NMC Campus - Osterlin Library - Check in with Front Desk (discussions usually take place just past circulation desk at large oak table.).


Student Contact:

Faculty Advisor:

Interim Faculty Advisor (February 2020 - TBD):

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