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Transformation Planner

MMTC's Transformation Planner is the ideal tool for charting your company's journey to achieve lower costs and higher profits. The Transformation Planner starts by benchmarking data to show 11 key metrics in comparison to other companies in your industry. The Transformation Planner allows companies to model how much capacity can be made available by implementing production improvements.

Benchmarking Services

Even more in-depth than the Transformation Planner is our Performance Benchmarking Services. These services will help you:

  • Assess company performance using comprehensive measures
  • Identify improvement opportunities you can act on immediately
  • Determine how you stack up against a customized comparison group within your industry
  • Comply with benchmarking requirements of the ISO and QS-9000 Standards and the TE supplement

Gemba Walk Assessment

This assessment is an on-site, physical review of the flow of value through your organization. A follow-up summary includes observations of strengths and opportunities to reduce wastes and increase the capabilities and/or flexibility of your organization.

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