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Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

Northern Lower Office

Northwestern Michigan College hosts the regional office of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC-NL). The center is part of the nationwide Manufacturing Extension Partnership program under the National Institute for Science and Technology.

Our staff can provide training and coaching in all technical areas listed below. Please contact us if you have any technical education needs other than those listed.

  • Lean Learning Consortium
  • Lean Manufacturing Champion
  • Lean Office Champion
  • Lean Practitioner
  • Blueprint Reading: Basic & Intermediate
  • Machining Basics
  • Math for Manufacturers: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T): Basic & Advanced
  • Metrology for Manufacturing
  • Metallurgy for Manufacturing
  • Statistical Process Control

Free Services to Manufacturers

Transformation Planner

MMTC's Transformation Planner is the ideal tool for charting your company's journey to achieve lower costs and higher profits. The Transformation Planner starts by benchmarking data to show 11 key metrics in comparison to other companies in your industry. The Transformation Planner allows companies to model how much capacity can be made available by implementing production improvements.


Even more in-depth than the Transformation Planner is our Performance Benchmarking Services. These services will help you:

  • Assess company performance using comprehensive measures
  • Identify improvement opportunities you can act on immediately
  • Determine how you stack up against a customized comparison group within your industry
  • Comply with benchmarking requirements of the ISO and QS-9000 Standards and the TE supplement

GEMBA Walk Assessment

This assessment is an on-site, physical review of the flow of value through your organization. A follow-up summary includes observations of strengths and opportunities to reduce wastes and increase the capabilities and/or flexibility of your organization.

Grand Traverse Area Manufacturing Council »

Vision Statement

"We promote long-term thinking, education, and collaboration through people and companies that allow us to make great things."

Mission Statement

“To support a sustainable and globally competitive manufacturing sector for a stronger economy”

Value Proposition

  • A strong manufacturing community benefits the economy of northern Michigan.
  • Innovation is spawned by sharing best practices and ideas.
  • Council initiatives will positively impact company operations and/or profitability.
  • Individual relationships developed through Council membership can provide a valuable network to the benefit of member companies as well as companies of the region.

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