Facilitator Skills

Make your meetings more productive, improve task accomplishment and increase results. In an interactive, fast-paced format, you will learn how to build an effective agenda, to use a variety of tools to accomplish your objectives, and to deal with difficult meeting behaviors like getting off tract or dominating. You will also learn techniques to manage conflict and build consensus. At the end of the training session you will be able to:

  • Identify how to facilitate effectively when you have a stake in the outcome
  • Use "Plan, Do, Check, Adjust" to continuously improve meeting effectiveness
  • Develop an effective meeting plan
  • Use effective processes and tools to accomplish the agenda
  • Evaluate meetings for continuous improvement
  • Deal with difficult behaviors in meetings such as sidebar conversation and dominating personalities
  • Use tools to diffuse conflict and build consensus
  • Manage change effectively

Meeting facilitation

NMC Training staff can facilitate a wide variety of meetings, including strategic planning, business meetings or public forums.

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