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Lean Tools A to Z

Listing of Lean tools to eliminate waste and to promote a Lean culture within your organization.  More »

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Lean Manufacturing

Learn to how Lean can make your business more competitive in today's marketplace.  More »

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Lean Office

Sharpen skills such as satisfying customers, reducing non-value activities and analyzing and eliminating waste.  More »

Lean Business Practices

NMC Training Services aims to assist organizations throughout northern Michigan in becoming more globally competitive through the learning and application of Lean Enterprise philosophies. Lean principles traditionally have been used in manufacturing settings, though in recent years these practices have been embraced by both the office environment and healthcare industry.

By becoming a recognized, action-oriented resource in Lean, you will:

  • Be more responsive to customer needs
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce inventory and associated costs
  • Shorten lead times
  • Eliminate and prevent waste
  • Increase resource utilization
  • Boost customer responsiveness and satisfaction

Tools to support your Lean journey:

Lean Learning Consortium

Interested in growing and sustaining your Lean journey? Join a regional group of professionals committed to sharing ideas and learning best practices in the discovery of Lean principles.

Learn more about the benefits of joining the Lean Learning Consortium »

Lean Champion Training

Ensuring a Lean transformation is successful and sustainable requires internal champions. The champions gain trust and support with each Lean success. Lean Champion training provides a comprehensive hands-on learning experience in Lean tools and techniques.

Learn about our Lean Champion program »

Gemba Walk Assessment

Free Service Includes:

This assessment is an onsite, physical review of the flow of value through your organization. A follow-up summary includes observations of strengths and opportunities to reduce wastes and increase the capabilities and/or flexibility of your organization.

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Lean Management Systems: Visual Management at Hayes Manufacturing

Modular Lean Management System Training

The Lean Management System training has been updated and developed in a modular basis. Organizations can take a step-by-step, or modular approach to implementing Lean Management. Each organization may customize which modules they would like to work on and in what order they want to implement them. Find additional information on modular lean management training here »

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