Lean Management System for Your Organization

The Lean Management System training has been updated and developed in a modular basis. Organizations can take a step-by-step, or modular approach to implementing Lean Management.  Each organization may customize which modules they would like to work on and in what order they want to implement them.

There are 2 ways to take advantage of the new Lean Management Training; Schedule training on site at your company or participant in an Open Enrollment training class.

The purpose of a Lean Management System(LMS) is to sustain and further continuous improvement.  LMS revolves around 4 major components:  Metrics, Visual Management, Check Meetings, and Leader Standard Work.

Metrics: quality, safety, production and cost data for review

Visual Management: using visual techniques to display data and any corrective actions

Check Meetings: apply a meeting schedule or huddle meetings in the organization for better communication

Leader Standard Work: create and document daily and weekly routines to support & ensure that the LMS system is being utilized and being improved.

With those LMS components as the backdrop to the training, there are 5 LMS training modules are offered.

  • Daily Lean Management
  • Continuous Improvement Lean Management
  • Labor & Training Lean Management
  • Trending Lean Management
  • Planning

For more information, please contact Lynn Tilson at (231) 929-2015 or ltilson@nmc.edu.

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