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Lean 3.0: The Next Frontier, 6th Annual Michigan Lean Conference

by Heather Fraizer

We had another great year at the Michigan Lean Conference.  Northwestern Michigan College hosted the Michigan Lean Consortium’s sixth annual conference at the Hagerty Center.  Events included a full slate of impressive keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and evening social events which showcased various northern Michigan attractions.  As always, it’s a great opportunity to meet and learn from others who are on their lean journey.september news

The theme, “Lean 3.0: The Next Frontier,” was intended to encourage a focus on the future of lean in industry and Michigan.  Keynote speakers addressed increased focus on spreading lean thinking out of traditional manufacturing settings into retail and service; the role of leadership in supporting lean transformation and culture; and market, industry, and global trends that might influence the way we work in the future.  These were the keynote speakers with links to download their presentations:

Betty Gratopp, Lead Production Manager, Zingerman’s Mail Order

Teresa Hay McMahon, Executive Director, Iowa Lean Consortium

Karen Ruedinger, Coordinator of Planning and Market Understanding in the Office of Research, Planning, and Effectiveness; Northwestern Michigan College

As has become expected, there was a diverse selection of breakout sessions ranging from enterprise-focused talks about strategic lean to the nitty gritty of on-the-ground deployment of lean tools and improvements.  Below are the topics covered and links to the presentation materials:

“It's Not Just About Bricks and Mortar:  A New Way of Doing Business” by Annette Hartner

“Rapid Improvement Event in Cytology Department” by Emily Summers

“Leading Change, Transition, and Transformation” by Dennis Sergent

“Lean Product, Process …R&D Results” by Larry Navarre

"Troubleshooting" or "Problem Solving"? Does it matter? What's the difference? by Renee Lower, Kim Meszaros, and Tim Menke, DTE Energy

“Learning to See the Past, Present, and Next Frontier” by Ruth Archer

“Strategic Lean” by Phil Berry

“Visual VSM-Process Mapping and Extracting IT Systems Requirements” by Mark Krebs

“The Active Learning Model:  A Lean Approach to Learning” by Rich Wolin

“Creating a Highly Engaging, Sustainable Skill Development System” by Matt Albin

“Patient Centered Medical Homecare - Transforming Ambulatory Care” by Deb Schepperly

“Systems Mapping - How to Make VSM More Effective” by Dennis Sergent

“Case Report - Mid-Size Government Agency Success with Meaningful Lean Pilot” by Les Sutherland

More photos available on MLC’s Facebook page.

Mark your calendar for the seventh annual conference.  We hope to see you at NMC’s Hagerty Center on August 2-4, 2017!

Heather Fraizer, Training Specialist, (231) 995-2200,
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