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Got New Jobs? Get Training Dollars!


The Michigan New Jobs Training Program and NMC have helped us revolutionize our company. Before the MNJTP grant, we had 20 employees and were all working harder, not smarter.”

-- Matt Bulloch, President, TentCraft

Like TentCraft, the Michigan New Jobs Training Program (MNJTP) can also help your company if you are looking to expand operations and add employees. Designed as an economic development tool, the MNJTP allows businesses to partner with their local community college to provide customized training. Better yet, businesses may be able to receive financial assistance for that training, helping to increase your company’s competitive edge through higher productivity and improved morale.

Traverse City-headquartered TentCraft, Inc., a manufacturer of promotional tents and other outdoor signage, has participated in the New Jobs Training Program for the past four years. “This grant allowed us to send 11 people through NMC’s Lean Manufacturing Champion, a training that we may not have been able to afford otherwise, and launched us on our lean journey. Our lean training taught us to systematically identify and reduce waste on both the manufacturing floor and our new operations and have since become more efficient and more profitable.”

Michael Hansen, president of the Michigan Community College Association, indicates, “The Michigan New Jobs Training Program is a valuable tool for employers to obtain the highly skilled and trained workers they need to be successful. This unique collaboration between our community colleges and businesses expanding or coming to Michigan will be a cornerstone of this state’s economic revitalization.”

The training ﹘ for the newly hired worker or promoted employee ﹘ is paid by capturing the state income tax associated with the employee’s wages, essentially providing training at little to no cost to the employer. This is a local program; individual community colleges work directly with employers and local economic development to support job creation. There are no restrictions by industry or employer size.

To qualify, the number of jobs a company has on its payroll in Michigan under a specific EIN at the time of enrollment must be greater than, or equal to, the number of jobs it had on its payroll in Michigan in the last 12 months. In addition, the "new jobs" being created must meet the following criteria:

  • The jobs are full-time, in a new, existing, or expanding business of the employer.
  • The jobs are not of recalled workers, replacement jobs, or any other job that existed in the employer’s business within the one-year period preceding the date of an agreement.
  • The jobs are new jobs that pay at least 175 percent of the minimum wage, or currently $15.58 per hour.
  • The jobs result in a net increase in employment in Michigan for the employer.

“We have hired almost 60 people since our initial journey and continue to use NMC as both our training partner and grant administrator,” adds Bulloch. “I view this as one of the greatest programs available in that I, as a business owner, commit to hire people, and then Michigan supports us with tailored job training to help these new people learn skills that help us move the needle. It is a virtuous cycle in that the more new people we hire, the more great training we receive, which means we can sell and produce more and then we can hire and train even more people.”

In addition to TentCraft, 34 area manufacturers and service industries have received funding through the MNJTP Training dollars brought to this region exceed $4.1 million. In addition, estimates of 554 high-wage positions will be created in northern Michigan as a result.

If interested in the Michigan New Jobs Training Program, please contact:

Lisa Rollin, Grant Coordinator
Northwestern Michigan College
1701 East Front Street; Traverse City, MI 49686 or 231.995.2005

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