Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration

Davenport University

You will learn critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in operations, finance, management, marketing and strategic planning− the cornerstones of business. Accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

Accounting Fraud Investigation --From audit practices and computer security, through criminal investigation techniques, Davenport's Accounting Fraud Investigation BBA prepares you with all the skills needed for successful fraud detection. You'll also gain hands-on experience with the soft skills of communication, teamwork and leadership needed by the fraud examination professional. An exclusive partnership between Northwestern Michigan College and Davenport University awards full transfer credit for coursework from your Associate of Science and Arts, so just 12 DU courses are needed to complete the bachelor's degree. Tuition costs are kept in line by taking the maximum  number of classes through NMC; you may also be eligible for Davenport grants, scholarships, discounts and Davenport/NMC consortium financial aid

General Business --The General Business degree prepares students to enter either the business or government sectors as general managers.  Presented with learning opportunities ranging from lecture and textbook study to case analysis and business simulations, students are grounded in the fundamentals of business, with emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving.

Human Resource Management – Gain skills in a learning environment that balances textbook theory with real-world management application. The strategic role of human resources in today’s business world is emphasized.

Management -- Emphasizes skills in management fundamentals and specific management disciplines. Graduates earn a BBA degree with a major in Management and an elective specialty in Financial Management, Global Project Management, Governance and Leadership, Entrepreneurship or Sustainable Business Development.

Management - with aviation mgmt. specialty --Be prepared for rapid advancement in your aviation career with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Management  with an aviation management specialty from Davenport University. This program allows full transfer credit for your coursework from the Associate degree in Aviation at NMC, so you can complete your bachelor’s program in as little as 2 years.

Marketing -- Focuses on the marketing functions and processes that deliver customer value, enhance customer relationships and benefit organizations and their stakeholders. Graduates earn a BBA degree with a major in Marketing and an elective Specialty in Business-to-Business, Advertising and Promotion, Entrepreneurship, or Sports Marketing.

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