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Admissions and Enrollment


New and Transfer Students

We recommend that students complete the first two years of college courses (and an associate's degree) from Northwestern Michigan College and then apply for admission to a NMC University Center four-year institution. Completion of the MACRAO or MTA agreement will facilitate transfer to most NMC University Center programs.

Individuals wishing to enroll in courses at the NMC University Center should contact the university of their choice and apply to their chosen school. Once enrolled, the individual becomes a student at that university.


Consulting directly with representatives from each university (see listing to your left) will provide information about the various institutions and programs available at the NMC University Center. Planning ahead will ensure completion of courses or tests required for admission.


Classes offered at the NMC University Center are at the undergraduate level (the third and fourth years of a baccalaureate-completion program), master's, or doctoral level.

Registering for Classes

On-site class registration is available through each university's branch office at the NMC University Center. Some universities offer registration by mail, telephone or website. Catalogs and schedules are available prior to the academic semester at each university's office, the main Welcome Center lobby area, and on this website (UC catalogs and schedules).

Guest Enrollment

Most institutions offer guest enrollment for individuals interested in enrolling in a specific course but not officially admitted to the NMC University Center. Please consult directly with that institution's representative for more information.

Alison Arnold Testimonial

"It opens doors for me. I firmly believe I have my best work yet to contribute. If you're not growing, you're dying,"  Alison Arnold, NMC University Center student. 

Photo courtesy of Jacquelin Southby
Source: NMC Foundation Newsletter