Zonta E-Library Services

The Zonta E-Library is an electronic learning environment in support of higher education. Through the Internet, students have access to their own school’s library and databases. Find more research information under our research area.

Reserved materials for some classes can be requested from the Welcome Center.

University Libraries

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Zonta E-Library consists of two open computer labs with the following resources:

  • Zonta E-Library (UC 103) – nine virtual computer workstations and one Macintosh workstation – individual use or group study work
  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser software
  • Microsoft Office (Access / Excel / PowerPoint / Publisher / Word)
  • Instructional software available as requested
  • One copy machine

Zonta e-Library Hours *

UC 103 (Group Lab)
Mon.–Thurs.: 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Fri: As Needed
Sat–Sun: Closed

* Subject to change; please see the notes posted at the Welcome Center and call (231) 995-1777 with questions or concerns.