Campus Safety

You can always reach us at (231) 995-1111.

NMC Campus Safety & Security provides services 24 hours a day and works closely with local law enforcement and emergency responders that also serve NMC. A  wide range of services is available including:

  • Emergency "blue light" phones throughout all of our campuses
  • Education and prevention
  • Security escorts

Campus Safety is everyone's business. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns. We also have two services that you can use to report information or suspicious activity:

  • Confidential tip line: (231) 995-1116
  •  "Red Flag" incident report form »

    •  If you have trouble adding a new incident or have further questions, please contact either Lisa Thomas in Student Life at (231) 995-1118 or Marcus Bennett in Residence Life/Judicial Affairs at (231) 995-1401.
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