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It’s completely normal to feel a little nervous about attending orientation, but never fear — there are tons of friendly faces here to help out!

Orientation is your opportunity to learn about all NMC has to offer and sign up for classes. It’s an exciting day full of new knowledge, new friends, and big decisions.

We know that most students’ first priority on orientation day is signing up for classes, but how do you know what classes to choose? Your academic advisor will be there to help you register, but thinking about it ahead of time will give you a leg up. Complete the following guide to help you think through your options:

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When you arrive on campus, you want to find your way to the Osterlin Building. It’s building #3 on the map below (click on the map to enlarge it or download a printable map here). You can park for free in the Aspen, Birch or Cedar lots. There will be big green flags and signs posted to help direct you.

NMC Main Campus Map

Points of Interest

Osterlin Library (#3 on the map)

  • You can find the advising center here.

Tanis Building (#5 on the map)

  • You can find the admissions and financial aid offices here.

West Hall (#9 on the map)

  • You can find the cafeteria and bookstore here.

Quick Tip

  • Scholars Hall is abbreviated SH while the Health & Science Building is abbreviated HS. Check to make sure you are heading to the right building.

Orientation days can be busy. Make sense of the hustle and bustle by checking out the following video. It will give you a sneak peek of what orientation day is like.

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