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Before you can sign up for classes at NMC, we need to determine which English and math courses are the best fit for you. We can do this using test scores or transcripts you’ve already sent us, or by having you take the Accuplacer math test.

You can check your placement by viewing your NMC Academic Transcript. We highly recommend reviewing the requirements for your Program of Study to help you decide if you want to try for a higher placement.

Testing into higher level classes right off the bat often means you can skip the beginner level classes, which saves time and money.

We encourage students to prepare for the Accuplacer math exam by attending a math boot camp, practicing on the Accuplacer Study App, and using the pre-algebra and algebra modules of Khan Academy. Remember, this test determines which math class you'll start in, so doing well can allow you to skip over some of the beginner courses.

Questions about placement? Call the Student Success Center at (231) 995-2134.