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NMC Transfer Guide - MTA

To: Ferris State University - Main Campus

Program: Pre-pharmacy

Graduates of the FSU School of Pharmacy are qualified for positions in both community and hospital pharmacy, and in the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmacy program also prepares students for postgraduate education resulting in careers in teaching and research.

The Pre-Pharmacy program consists of 2 years of courses. Once admitted to the regular program, students spend an additional 6 years for a Pharmacy Professional Program degree (Pharm.D).


  1. Minimum GPA – 2.5. Although admission is very competitive. Ferris reports the current admitted student has a 3.5 average in all science/math classes and scores in the 80% on the PCAT.
  2. Application Deadlines – February 1st for Regular admission for the following Fall; September 1st for Early Decision.
  3. Two applications are required:
    1. Initial application for admission to FSU
    2. Separate application for College of Pharmacy. Students receive this application from FSU after having submitted their initial application.
  4. Completion of all Pre-Pharmacy requirements including the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). Students must complete the PCAT prior to December 1st for admission to the program the following fall. Times and location for PCAT 1-800-622-3231. Students must register for the test one month in advance of taking the PCAT.
  5. Students may transfer more than 2 years of course work if credits and courses are applicable.
  6. Students should take a heavy load during one or two semesters while attending NMC to adjust to the rigorous schedule required at Ferris
  7. AP and CLEP credits in science and math courses can be used for students entering after Fall 2013
  8. For more information please check out Pharmacy Admissions page I Application Guides for NMC Transfer Students I Admission Criteria or call Tara Lee at (231) 591-3780


Completion of Basic requirements, as listed, at NMC will fulfill the Pre-Pharmacy Requirements at FSU.  Upon request at the NMC Records and Registration Office, a statement will be placed on your transcript, "MICHIGAN TRANSFER AGREEMENT (MTA) SATISFIED".

Required Classes

Academic Area




ENG 111 English Composition


ENG 112 English Composition


COM 111 Public Speaking


Humanities (choose 9 credits from more than 1 department)


Select 2 courses representing 2 departments from Group 1 Humanities list »


Select 1 Cultural Enrichment or Cultural Enrichment Activity course from this list that transfers to FSU at 200-300 level (blue or green highlight) »


Natural Science


CHM 150 General Chemistry I


CHM 151 General Chemistry II


CHM 250 Organic Chemistry I


CHM 251 Organic Chemistry II


BIO 115 Cell, Plant & Ecosystem Biology


BIO 116 Cell & Animal Biology


BIO 208 Microbiology


BIO 215 Genetics 


BIO 227 Human Anatomy & Physiology I


BIO 228 Human Anatomy & Physiology II


BIO 268 Biochemistry 


PHL 121 General Physics I (Trig based) OR PHL 221 Problems & Principles of Physics I (Calc based)


Social Science


ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics


PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology OR SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology


Only if you are pursuing a bachelors degree from FSU, select 1 additional course from Group 1 Social Science list »




MTH 131 Intro to Probability and Statistics 


MTH 141 Calculus I (pre-requisite classes, i.e., MTH 111 Intermediate Algebra, MTH 121 College Algebra and MTH 122 Trigonometry may be needed)


Northwestern Michigan College does not assume final responsibility for the accuracy of information on this guide. The final responsibility for the successful transfer of classes suggested on this guide rests with you and the institution you plan to transfer to. It is strongly recommended that you visit the institution as early in your academic career (prior to transfer) as possible.

Updated: Summer 2018

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