NMC Transfer Guide- MTA

To: Michigan State University - University Center

Program: Agricultural Technology - Applied Plant Science Certificate

Founded in 1894, the Michigan State University Institute of Agricultural Technology (IAT) delivers innovative, educational programs that develop career-ready graduates through intensive, practical learning and skill enhancement. The IAT offers Certificate programs in eleven areas of expertise including multiple green industry related programs. These programs are located in East Lansing, and/or in partnership with community colleges in Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Sidney, and Traverse City. The IAT seeks to prepare students for dynamic careers in a changing world. Its Certificate programs vary in length and are highly respected statewide and nationally.

Applied Plant Science Program, Certificates (in Traverse City) Michigan State University with NMC may earn Associate of Applied Science and/or an MSU Certificate in either Commercial Horticultural Operations, Commercial Turfgrass Operations, Landscape Horticulture or Viticulture may be earned through a program of approved course work and a workplace internships.

The MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology will provide access to the Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) that is a program funded through a National Science Foundation grant to Missouri State University. The VESTA program's purpose is to develop online associate courses in viticulture designed to work within certificates and associate degree programs of community colleges across the U.S. The Institute of Agricultural Technology at Michigan State University represents Michigan as the consortium partner for this program. Students interested in this new option VESTA will follow the current procedure of applying both to NMC and Institute of Agricultural Technology at Michigan State University, through the University Center.

Admission Criteria

  1. A student must be enrolled with NMC and MSU concurrently, completing both the NMC admission application and MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology application.
  2. It is strongly recommended that students with transfer credits from other institutions work with the NMC Applied Plant Science program advisor, in consultation with MSU's Applied Plant Science program coordinator. MSU's Institute of Agricultural Technology will review and decide which course may transfer into the program, other than those listed on this guide. Interested students should make contact with the NMC Applied Plant Science program advisor and MSU program coordinator before or during their first semester at NMC Students should take classes from both schools concurrently during their first semester if possible.
  3. The courses below lead to an MSU Certificate, or an Applied Associate degree from NMC. If you wish to pursue an Associate of Science and Arts degree, or transfer to MSU, please speak with program advisors.


NMC Applied Plant Science Program Advisor:
Laura Jaquish - (231) 995-1370

MSU Applied Plant Science Program Coordinator:
Ms. Dale Elshoff
Program Coordinator
Phone: (231) 995-1719
Email: elshoff@msu.edu

MSU Certificate Requirements

Upon request at the NMC Records and Registration Office, a statement will be placed on your transcript, "MICHIGAN TRANSFER AGREEMENT (MTA) SATISFIED".

Required Classes

Academic Area




English Composition


Natural Science


Plant Biology


Introduction to Chemistry
(prerequisite of MTH 23 or placement test scores. Starting in the Spring of 2011 Mth 111 will be the prerequisite for Chm 101)


Social Science


Macro or Microeconomics (Macro preferred)




Those who plan on earning a Bachelor of Science degree from MSU's College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in East Lansing are advised to complete Mth 140 (or Mth 121 & 122) and Chm 150 instead of Chm 101.

Additional Requirements

Required Classes



Introduction to Computers in Business


NMC Electives: Choose one class from below:

BUS 101, ECO, MGT 251, MGT 255, MGT 241, PSY 101,GEO 110 or speak with an advisor.


NMC Applied Associate degree requirements: Complete the courses above, below and MSU courses

English Composition 2



Choose one class from the list below if you plan on an Applied Associate degree from NMC If you plan on transferring to MSU's Bachelor program in Lansing choose Hst 111 or 112 and four additional credits from MSU's approved humanities list (see an NMC advisor for assistance).

View Humanities Division requirements - one class for the Applied Associate degree and 8 credits if you plan to transfer to MSU »

Elective credits from MSU or NMC (Check with the program advisor for specific class selection)

In order to receive an Applied Associate degree from NMC you must have a minimum of 24 credits from NMC, and a total of 64 credits from NMC and MSU.

Please speak with your MSU advisor for MSU course selections.

Northwestern Michigan College does not assume final responsibility for the accuracy of information on this guide. The final responsibility for the successful transfer of classes suggested on this guide rests with you and the institution you plan to transfer to. It is strongly recommended that you visit the institution as early in your academic career (prior to transfer) as possible.

Updated: Spring 2015