NMC Transfer Guide - MTA

To: University of Michigan - Main Campus

Program: Elementary Education

Elementary education teachers are certified to teach all subjects in grades K-5, and only their major and minor in grades 6, 7, and 8. In the initial two years, students take liberal studies and some courses toward their major. Students are then admitted into the School of Education for their junior and senior years and take courses in education, supervised teaching experience, and courses for their required majors & minors.

The University of Michigan offers the following teaching majors:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies


  1. Junior status – junior standing (54 credits) is required for admission into the Elementary Education program.
  2. Minimum GPA – 2.5, though it is encouraged to have a higher GPA.
  3. Two recommendation letters (see application checklist for ideal recommendations).
  4. Application essay describing the unique qualities that attracted you to the field of education and specifically to the School of Education's teacher certification program.
  5. Resume outlining work experience and history, particularly experience with children.
  6. MTTC Pre-scores, ACT equivalent, and all non-U of M transcripts.
  7. It is important to make contact with the School of Education at U of M, to receive the most updated teacher requirements for the State of Michigan.
  8. Students are not required to have all the courses listed on this guide complete prior to admission to U of M. However we would recommend transferring the U of M credits back to NMC to complete an associate degree.
  9. U of M School of Education

General Studies Requirements

The following courses are listed to facilitate transfer and fulfill general studies requirements at U of M. If your goal is to complete an Associate of Science and Arts degree see an advisor for assistance on how classes apply to the associate degree. If you complete the MTA then the following statement applies:

Upon request at the NMC Records and Registration Office, a statement will be placed on your transcript, "MICHIGAN TRANSFER AGREEMENT (MTA) SATISFIED".

Required Classes

Academic Area




ENG 111

English Composition (Pre-requisite for ENG 112)


ENG 112

English Composition




Select 6 credits representing 2 departments from Humanities Area




Select 6-8 credits representing 2 departments from Natural Science Area



HST 111

U.S. History to 1865 (Humanities at NMC and Social Science at UofM


PSY 101

Intro to Psychology


PLS 101

Introduction to American Politics


Courses suggested for the 4 teaching majors are listed below -  Contact a UofM advisor for specific suggestions on courses chosen from the above links.

UofM visits NMC once a year for our Transfer Fair where you can also talk with a UofM representative.

Language Arts Major


ENG 221 or 222

Creative Writing or Advanced Creative Writing


ENG 262 

American Literature


ENG 242

Women in Literature


Mathematics Major


MTH 141

Calculus I (Must have both Calculus I and II for equivalent credit)


MTH 142

Calculus II


MTH 241

Calculus III


Integrated Science Major


CHM 150-150R

General Chemistry I


Social Studies Major


ECO 201



ECO 202



GEO 105/L

Physical Geography


PLS 132

Comparative Politics


Additional Courses

Students should take enough credits to attain Junior status (54 credits). Courses fulfilling the major subject areas are recommended. See links to "Contact UofM Advisor" and Distribution list"

Additional courses in studio art, dance, studio music, physical education, or theatre and drama are desirable for Elementary Education majors.

Northwestern Michigan College does not assume final responsibility for the accuracy of information on this guide. The final responsibility for the successful transfer of classes suggested on this guide rests with you and the institution you plan to transfer to. It is recommended that you visit U of M early in your academic career.

Updated: Spring 2023