NMC Transfer guide - MTA

To: Western Michigan University - Main Campus

Program: Art

Admission to the School of Art in the College of Fine Arts requires acceptance from both Admissions (through the WMU application process) and the School of Art (through the portfolio application process). Admission is selective, and the competition is keen.

Students planning to major in any Art program should seek detailed portfolio application information from the School of Art website - Contact number: (269) 387-2440 or wmich.edu/art.

NOTE: Students pursuing Graphic Design Program are advised to transfer to WMU after one year at the community college. Also check prerequisites for application to the Graphic Design Program and deadlines on the School of Art website listed above.

It is recommended that students begin this process a year prior to the desired start date. Advisors are happy to meet or talk with prospective students at any point in the process.

Completion of the BASIC requirements as listed at NMC will fulfill most of the general requirements at WMU. WMU requires two additional General Education courses at the 300-400 level to be taken at WMU plus an upper level writing requirement (Proficiency #2 at WMU). Upon request at the NMC Records Office, a statement will be placed on your transcript, "MICHIGAN TRANSFER AGREEMENT (MTA) SATISFIED"

Required Classes

Academic Area




ENG 111, 112

English Composition




ART 111

History of Western Art I


ART 112

History of Western Art II


Select one additional class from the Group 1 Humanities list - not ART


Social Science


Select 2 courses representing 2 departments from the Group 1 Social Science list


Natural Science


Select 2 courses representing 2 departments from the Group 1 Natural Science list including one LECTURE/LAB




Select 1 course (MTH 120 or above) from the Group 1 Math list


Additional Requirements

Required Classes



ART 121

Drawing I


ART 122

Drawing II


ART 131

2-D Design


ART 132

3-D Design


ART 175

Digital Photography


See the WMU ART Transfer Guide for additional ART classes for specific ART programs.

Quantification Intellectual Skills Requirement

Students completing MTA will fulfill this requirement.

Northwestern Michigan College does not assume final responsibility for the accuracy of information on this guide. The final responsibility for the successful transfer of classes suggested on this guide rests with you and the institution you plan to transfer to. It is strongly recommended that you visit the institution as early in your academic career (prior to transfer) as possible.

Updated: Summer 2023