Elementary Education

NMC Transfer Guide - MTA

To: Western Michigan University - Main Campus

Program: Elementary Education

The State of Michigan has made significant changes to Elementary Education Requirements. For more specific information and help with any additional questions, including how your NMC courses will transfer to WMU's  Elementary Education program and majors, how to apply to WMU and how to apply to the upper level for your program, please contact:

Andrea Bau or Amanda Lozier. Andrea.e.bau@wmich.edu or Amanda.lozier@wmich.edu

You may also contact for questions: Christine Robinson, Director, Undergraduate Admissions and Advising, College of Education and Human Development, christine.robinson@wmich.edu, (269) 387-3474

Basic Requirements

You can fulfill WMU Elementary Education general education requirements in 2 ways:

You can MTA as listed on this guide plus 3 classes listed below.


You can complete one class from 12 WMU areas of General Education.

See WMU's General Education Guide for details.

Completion of the BASIC requirements as listed on this guide will fulfill most of the General Education requirements at WMU but not all Elementary Education requirements. For Elementary Education, WMU requires three additional General Education courses beyond MTA to be taken at WMU:

  1. Level III, Local and National Perspective course (see choices on WMU General Education Guide linked above)
  2. SCI 1600
  3. SCI  2070

There are additional ED classes required that are not part of General Education that must also be taken at WMU.

Upon request at the NMC Records Office, a statement will be placed on your transcript, "MICHIGAN TRANSFER AGREEMENT (MTA) SATISFIED."

NOTE: When choosing courses below, be sure to consult with one of the WMU Elementary Education advisors at the top of this page.

Required Classes

Academic Area


Communications (Both ENG required for MTA and NMC's ASA. WMU only requires ENG 111.)


ENG 111

English Composition


ENG 112

English Composition




Select 2 courses representing 2 departments from Group 1 Humanities list


Natural Science (This completes MTA but you will still need to take 2 science classes at WMU)


Select 2 courses representing 2 departments from Group 1 Natural Science list including one LECTURE/LAB


Social Science


PSY 101

Intro to Psychology (recommended prerequisite for ECE 202)


GEO 108

Geography of U.S. and Canada



MTH 120

Mathematical Exploration


Additional suggestions

Suggested Class



ECE 202

Human Development and Learning


EDU 101

Intro to Teaching


Completion of at least 60 credits, including those listed above, fulfills the requirements of NMC's Associate's degree.

Northwestern Michigan College does not assume final responsibility for the accuracy of information on this guide. The final responsibility for the successful transfer of classes suggested on this guide rests with you and the institution you plan to transfer to. It is strongly recommended that you visit the institution as early in your academic career (prior to transfer) as possible.

Updated: Summer 2023