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Information on healthy eating, recipes and helpful hints on eating right.

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Information on discounts to local gyms, athletic clubs and tuition waivers for EES classes.

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Past, present and future events as well as other wellness opportunities in the community.

Employee Wellness

We are dedicated to:

  • Promoting the health and wellness of faculty and staff
  • Creating and maintaining a culture of wellness for all employees and students
  • Educating faculty and staff on the proper office/workplace ergonomics

NMC promotes healthy lifestyles and sound workplace ergonomics thorough education, awareness, activities, and encouragement by the following:

  • Offer fitness assessments and health screening
  • Offer workshops on office ergonomics and stretches
  • Inform individuals of steps to take to reduce health risks
  • Sponsor wellness-oriented activities
  • Provide prevention activities and information

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