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  • February 2015 - Sleep on it; Adequate sleep is another step you can take to combat serious health issues. Desk stretches for hands, wrists and forearms

  • January 2015 - Benefits of Breakfast; Studies have found that eating a balanced breakfast raises your metabolism  and reduces binge eating.


  • June 2014 – 9 Surprising Ways to Protect Your Skin; Travel Tips & Products for Summer; Get Points for Everyday Activities; Healthy Summer Snacking; First-Aid Checklist for Summer Camping
  • May 2014 – 10 Conditions Women Need to Know About; Women's Health Online Resource Center; Simple Steps to Clear, Glowing Skin; Calories Burned Calculator; Act to Prevent Cervical Cancer
  • April 2014 – Planning an Exercise Program You Can Stick To; Top 5 Spring Allergy Questions; Suffering from Allergies?; Refresh Your Diet This Spring
  • March 2014 – Have Diabetes? Know Your Numbers; Diabetes Risk Assessment; It's Not Too Late to Get Insured; Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right
  • February 2014 – Eat a Heart Healthy Diet; What Do Heart Attacks Feel Like?; Understand Your Blood Pressure
  • January 2014 – Make 2014 Your Healthiest, Happiest Year Yet; 6 Top Fitness Trends for 2014; Breakfasts, Snacks and Dinners


Monthly Mini Challenges



Commit to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night during the month of February (and beyond).


Keep track of the number of days you had a healthy balanced breakfast during the week.



This month, our employee wellness program mini challenge is all about being part of a community!


Feel Good Fridays

Every Friday in May we are offering FREE feel good events for all employees and their family members. In addition to earning 25 scorecard program points PER event that you attend (that's 225 points possible!!!) EVERY employee who schedules a fitness center intro & tour will receive a FREE semester membership to the NMC Fitness Center.


Healthy Head to Toe Bingo

During the week of Monday, April 14th-Friday, April 18th, you have 25 wellness goals to complete. Score 2 or more BINGO's (5 in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally), and be eligible for prizes! Simply initial the box when you complete the task, and send to me via pdf, scan & e-mail, or interoffice mail by Friday, April 25th to earn your points and be entered in the prize drawing. 5 randomly selected participants will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


March MadWellness Bracket

Play along every week in March to find out which healthy living habit wins on YOUR scorecard!

5 randomly selected participants will win their choice of a $20 Oryana gift card OR a 30 minute Wellness Massage. EVERY participant that submits a scorecard will earn 100 points towards their 2014 Wellness@Work Scorecard (category 2 opportunity).


NMC Winter Games

The winter Olympic events are made up of 15 winter sports that fall under THREE categories: Ice Sports,Alpine/Skiing/Snowboarding, and Nordic Events. Together, in teams of 3-6, you will work to complete challenges in THREE fitness categories that every Olympic Athlete needs to excel in:

  • Flexibility: yoga, meditation, stress reduction, healthy minds, etc.
  • Strength: strength training, strong muscles, strong hearts, etc.
  • Cardiovascular: running/walking, cardio classes, moving more throughout your day, etc.

February is also Heart Awareness Month, so many of the challenges relate to improving the health of your heart and reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease.


UpWave Challenge Resolution Master

UpWave.com, which carries the tag line “Live Life on the Up,” is organized around five subject areas: eat (including nutrition and diet); move (fitness and weight loss); relax (stress reduction and life balance); thrive (advice on happiness and longevity); and connect (focusing on relationships and community). In addition to awesome content, videos, social media resources, and TV programs, UpWave has a host of small challenges you can take on. Simply visit UpWave.com/challenges and choose the one that interest you most! Complete one, or complete them all — you will earn ONE entry in the prize drawing for EVERY challenge you complete throughout the month of January!


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