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  • January 2014 – Make 2014 Your Healthiest, Happiest Year Yet; 6 Top Fitness Trends for 2014; Breakfasts, Snacks and Dinners


  • March 2013 – National Nutrition Month; Meet "Jane"; Eating Healthier at Work
  • April 2013 – Get Moving for Better Health; "Jane" Updates; Ways to Get More Active at Work
  • May 2013 – Mental Health Awareness Month; "Jane" Creates a New Routine; Stress Less at Work
  • July 2013 – Summer Safety Topics; Hands-Free CPR; Healthy Picnic Recipes
  • August 2013 – Healthy Habits Start on Sunday; Grocery Shopping Do's & Don'ts; Pumped Up Protein Recipes
  • September 2013 – Seven Dimensions of Wellness; De-Stress your Day; "Soul" Foods
  • October 2013 – Fall into Fitness; Breast Cancer Awareness; Cancer Prevention Foods
  • November 2013 – Eat Well, Be Active, Stay Happy; Healthy Holiday Eating; Potluck Recipes
  • December 2013 – Wintertime Fitness; Debunking Resolutes; Holiday Desserts Done Over





NMC Winter Games

The winter Olympic events are made up of 15 winter sports that fall under THREE categories: Ice Sports,Alpine/Skiing/Snowboarding, and Nordic Events. Together, in teams of 3-6, you will work to complete challenges in THREE fitness categories that every Olympic Athlete needs to excel in-

  • Flexibility: yoga, meditation, stress reduction, healthy minds, etc.
  • Strength: strength training, strong muscles, strong hearts, etc.
  • Cardiovascular: running/walking, cardio classes, moving more throughout your day, etc.

February is also Heart Awareness Month, so many of the challenges relate to improving the health of your heart and reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease.


UpWave Challenge Resolution Master

UpWave.com, which carries the tag line “Live Life on the Up,” is organized around five subject areas: eat (including nutrition and diet); move (fitness and weight loss); relax (stress reduction and life balance); thrive (advice on happiness and longevity); and connect (focusing on relationships and community). In addition to awesome content, videos, social media resources, and TV programs, UpWave has a host of small challenges you can take on. Simply visit UpWave.com/challenges and choose the one that interest you most! Complete one, or complete them all — you will earn ONE entry in the prize drawing for EVERY challenge you complete throughout the month of January!



Week of Healthy Habits Team Challenge


Mental Health BINGO Challenge


Tour de Traverse Challenge

Each day, you have the opportunity to earn "miles", by completing healthy lifestyle activities. In order to get all the way around Grand Traverse County (and take the FULL "Tour de Traverse"), participants must earn 147 miles! There is no limit to the amount of miles you can earn per day, but some activities have a daily maximum. All participants who earn a minimum of 147 miles (the full Tour) will be entered in the monthly prize drawing. ALL employees participating in the challenge, regardless of mileage earned, will earn the 25 points for their scorecard!


Summer Safety Crossword

Challenge your mind with a crossword puzzle! The highlighted topic is Summer Safety. The answers to all of the crossword hints can be found in the monthly wellness newsletter.


  1. Register for the United Way Workplace Wellness Challenge. The challenge begins September 16th, and by registering, you are eligible for WEEKLY prizes!
  2. Nominate a coworker for being a healthy living role model – someone who exemplifies a healthy lifestyle in and out of the workplace.
  3. Nominate a coworker for being a healthy living success story – someone who made a change (small or big!!) that has positively impacted their health!


Mind & Body Challenge

Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth whose goal—maintaining personal health in all dimensions of life, including physical, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, occupational and spiritual—requires individualized choice and action. Choose a dimension of the Wellness Wheel, and then choose one healthy habit in that area. Take the self assessment (attached) to see which area might need attention! Track your progress on a daily basis, using the attached sheet. If you successfully develop a healthy new habit, treat yourself to something special. But don’t stop there! Continue your new habit as a lifelong change or choose another habit and challenge yourself again.


Wellness Expo

Come visit with local health & wellness vendors, attend presentations/demos, sample seasonal refreshments, register to win prizes, and earn points for your Wellness@Work scorecard!


Eat Well, Be Active, Stay Happy

Eat Well is a monthly opportunity for you to join your coworkers in a healthful lunch, listen to a short presentation from a nutrition expert, and share insight/knowledge/tips/tricks/ recipes with others who are trying to learn to eat healthier. Be Active is a monthly fitness outing, held on rotating campuses at various times. Stay Happy is a monthly opportunity for you to join your coworkers for an interactive, informational 45-minute session addressing various topics related to maintaining a healthful balance of your 7 dimensions of wellness.


Scorecard 2013 Wrap-Up


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