NMC entrance sign

Accessing Your NMC Email

To access your NMC email account, click on myNMC at the top of any nmc.edu web page (including this one).

An image of the myNMC login pageIf you’re on campus, you’ll be sent to your MyNMC student page. If you’re off campus, you’ll have to log in using your NMC ID and NMC Password.

Use the Forgot your NMC ID? and Forgot your password? links if you’re not sure about your ID and/or password. You can also call the Technology Help Desk at (231) 995-3020 to get help logging in.

Once on your MyNMC student page, click on Gmail to access your NMC email.


You are now in your NMC email.

An image of an example NMC student email page

Unread messages are in bold. To read a message simply click on the the subject line.

You can also access your calendar, drive, and other Google apps by clicking on the grid icon.

An image demonstrating how to open up Google Apps