Transfer Options

About half of NMC students enroll with the intention of transferring to a four-year school to complete their degree. If you want to complete your degree in Traverse City, you can choose from programs offered through NMC’s University Center partners.

In either case, this checklist will help you transfer smoothly.

Transferring IN to NMC? Start here

Checklist for transferring to another college or university

  • Meet with an NMC Academic Advisor

    • Discuss your transfer plan, including associate degree requirements, general education, and transferability of courses.
    • Be sure you take NMC courses that will transfer. For information on transferring course credit to specific schools or for specific majors, use our Transfer Guides.
    • If there is no transfer guide developed, Academic Advisors can help you look up Transfer Equivalencies at the Michigan Transfer Network site. Contact the Academic & Career Advising Center for help navigating the process.
  • Evaluate Colleges and Decide Early!

  • Seek Advising

    • Contact the transfer school admissions office and speak with an advisor specializing in transfer.
    • Note the name of the advisor you spoke with. Keep accurate records of your discussions (who, what, when) and make copies of everything you send.
    • Review application procedures and timelines for admission and financial aid.
  • Visit the Transfer School

    • Call the transfer school's admissions office and schedule a visit.
    • Request a meeting with a student and/or advisor in your major area and a campus tour. Do this as early in your academic career at NMC as possible.
  • Apply Early

    • Determine deadlines for financial aid, including scholarships and transfer funding, as well as major and housing applications.
    • Complete your applications for admission and financial aid.
    • Send necessary documents including transcripts from NMC and all other colleges attended, high school transcripts, SAT scores and other scores as required. (Keep copies for your file.)
    • Send a final copy of your transcripts from NMC to the school after completion of your courses at NMC.
    • Verify that your transfer school received a complete file.

Helpful Reminders

Consult our transfer guides for various schools you are considering, so you know what to take at NMC first.

Visit the Academic & Career Advising Center's Transfer Advising page for more information.

Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer agreements help students finish earning their associate's degree from a two-year college like NMC while working on their bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. NMC has reverse transfer agreements with many Michigan universities. Learn more about reverse transfer.