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Brittany H., NMC Commitment ScholarStudent Overcomes Anxiety, Speaks In Front of Hundreds

You helped Brittany redefine her future

Brittany H. is a totally different person today because a high school guidance counselor recommended her for NMC’s Commitment Scholarship program. The program, funded by gifts like yours, helped her overcome her social anxiety, built her confidence, and set her life on a new trajectory.

At this time last year, Brittany was suffering from crippling anxiety. She knew that she was missing out on so many experiences and was living life at the mercy of her fears. As a promising high school student, she had been accepted into NMC’s Commitment Scholarship program in 8th grade and the next class trip to Chicago was coming up. Brittany had never been to a city of that size and felt the constricting feelings of anxiety creeping up.

Despite wanting to back out, she gathered all of her courage, mustered her faith, and boarded the bus. She says, “Several hours into the trip, I started to calm down… I didn’t feel that paralyzing fear in the pit of my stomach I had grown so used to.” For the first time, she was able to enjoy this new experience and admire the beautiful architecture surrounded by new friends. Read more »