“Being responsible for a large ship makes every day a challenge. The great pay, travel, food and being on the water are just more reasons to love it.”

2003 Great Lakes Maritime Academy graduate, Third Mate & First Class Great Lakes Pilot

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Alumni giving opportunities

We need your charitable support for a new GLMA simulator!

Recent changes to the STCW Code will require all cadets who begin their training in 2013 to use this equipment in order to be eligible for a Merchant Marine Officer's license. The simulator is something the Academy must procure in order to continue to fulfill our mission.

Simulation is a key component for deck officer training as it provides a safe, efficient and cost effective way for cadets to gain experience and meet the requirements for licensing. A simulator is capable of reconstructing and analyzing complex navigational situations, including emergencies. It is possible to give hands-on instruction in:

  • maneuvering and vessel control;
  • route planning and navigation in any conditions;
  • safe watch keeping;
  • search and rescue;
  • automated radar plotting;
  • bridge resource management;
  • simulation of emergency situations; and
  • electronic charting display.

It is critical that the Academy have a deck simulator that meets the criteria and standards for cadet training so GLMA can continue to train cadets to fill maritime jobs. Give to Maritime »

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