Maritime academy power systems program cadet inspects an engine

Power Systems Program

The Power Systems Program is designed to prepare individuals for the maintenance and power production industries such as power plants, hospitals, industrial plants, and manufacturing plants.

Operators in such industries read, interpret and adjust meters and gauges to make sure plant equipment and processes are working properly. Some operate chemical-feeding devices, take samples of the water or liquid waste, perform chemical and biological laboratory analysis and adjust the amount of chemicals such as chlorine in the water. Some use a variety of instruments to sample and measure water quality and common hand and power tools to make repairs. Operators also make minor repairs to valves, pumps and other equipment.

As facilities become more sophisticated and industry demands more from those individuals who maintain and operate these physical plants, there is a need for intense technical training for these positions. Students at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy obtain these goals through coursework in mathematics, science and occupational courses. They also have hands-on experience through labs and internships for practical training that is beneficial to the application and understanding of the career path they have chosen.

Power Systems Bachelor of Science Curriculum Guide

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