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U.S. Naval Reserve

U.S. Navy ATFP logoIf you're looking for a more regimented academy experience, and would like to earn money toward your costs of attending the Great Lakes Maritime Academy, you may want to consider our Strategic Sealift Officer Program (SSOP). This is not a separate academic program, but rather a series of coursework that supplements your cadet experience.

This program is open to all students who are participating in a Coast Guard unlimited license program. Students normally apply and start Naval Science training at the beginning of their freshman year.


In addition to your academic courses, midshipmen take two additional Naval Science courses, MNS 200 and 250. You wear prescribed Navy uniforms during military labs, drills, military science presentations and other practical training activities. These programs offer a taste of military life, and round out your military training.


The Maritime Administration (MARAD) is presently funding a Student Incentive Payment (SIP) of $8,000 annually to offset school costs. To qualify for SIP MMR, you must be physically qualified, complete Naval Science courses and participate in all battalion drills and activities. You may participate in the MMR program without receiving SIP.

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