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Great Lakes Maritime Academy Calendar

Spring 2014 Semester

Jan. 1

FAFSA Available online: www.fafsa.gov

Jan. 14–24

License testing for seniors

Jan. 10

Classes begin for Maritime/NMC

Jan. 13

FSU classes begin

Jan. 20

No FSU classes (Maritime and NMC have classes)

Feb. 1

Commercial Sea Project paperwork due

Feb. 15

Deferred tuition payment due

March 1

Scholarship applications open

March 8–16

No FSU classes

March 12

Fall class registration begins

March 31–April 6

Spring Break (no Maritime or NMC classes) Last group heading to fire fighting class: March 31–April 4

March 21–April 25

Scholarship applications due »

April 18

No classes at NMC or the Maritime Academy

May 3

Spring classes end

May 3

Commencement and Academy Graduation Dinner

May 3–July 3

Cadets report aboard for the T/S State of Michigan Spring Cruise »

May 10

NMC summer classes begin

May 26

Memorial Day — no classes at NMC or the Academy

June 30

Deferred payment due