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Maritime Careers

The Great Lakes/oceans maritime industry offers challenging and rewarding opportunities for ship officers. Based on the recent annual employment reports filed by the largest Great Lakes and oceans operators, there is an almost insatiable demand for new officers each year to fill positions aboard their vessels. Industry demand is based on vacancies resulting from officer retirements, shoreside opportunities, fleet expansion and the increasing demand for unlimited tonnage US Flag Officers internationally. The Academy is seeking to admit 60 to 75 quality cadets into our licensing programs each year to meet known demand for officer jobs afloat as well as maritime related jobs ashore. Shoreside opportunities such as transportation management, port management, ship surveying, import/export industries, federal government and ship brokerage positions are in high demand.

Ship officers work eight hours a day, usually following a schedule of four hours on duty and eight off. A deck officer is responsible for the management of the deck department. This includes the navigation/piloting of the ship, loading and unloading of cargo, ship's business, discipline and well being of crew, vessel safety and security. An engineering officer's duties include the management of the engineering department aboard ship. This involves engine room business, operation and preventative maintenance of machinery and equipment aboard ship, discipline and well being of crew, vessel safety and security.

The Great Lakes Maritime Academy is designed to prepare deck and engineering officers for highly skilled positions aboard ship in addition to teaching the essential business skills needed to be successful in the world of commercial shipping. Graduation from our maritime college requires determination and dedication, yet the rewards are well worth the effort.

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"I cannot complain about the money I make and the long, peaceful trips offer a serenity not found in traffic jams on shore. It takes me 30 seconds to get to work; I love it. I love Mother Nature and to see some of Heaven's Masterpieces on a crystal clear night far surpasses the interrupted night sky a city offers."

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