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Cadet Housing

First year cadets matriculating to the academy immediately following high school graduation are required to live in the Northwestern Michigan College dormitories for their first year. All other incoming cadets may choose their living arrangements. On-campus housing options are at the Northwestern Michigan College campus, about a half mile away from the Academy. There are three options: East Hall, North Hall and the Campus Apartments.

  • Cadets that have earned less than 24 college credits (typically "true freshman") or are 20 years of age or less, live one year in East Hall. East Hall is a typical college residence hall and requires a cafeteria food plan. To learn more about East hall, including rates and how to reserve your room, visit the East Hall page.
  • Cadets with over 24 earned credit hours and/or over 20 years of age may choose to live on or off campus. The affordable, on-campus options for cadets that fall in this category are:
    • North Hall — North Hall is an apartment style housing option. Cadets with 24 or more credit hours, regardless of age (separate areas for those under/over 21 years of age) qualify for this hall. North Hall does not require a food plan as it includes a full kitchen.
    • Campus Apartments — For those who are age 21 and over regardless of prior college experience. The Campus Apartments accommodates students and families.
    • Fitness Center — a state-of-the-art fitness center is available to our North and East Hall residents at no extra charge. A brief video tour is to the right.

If you choose to live off campus, careful research on rental or lease agreements, your rights as a renter, and resources for renters is recommended. We have included some resources below that students have used in the past for renting and/or purchasing housing. Please note that the Maritime Academy/Northwestern Michigan College does not endorse, verify or otherwise condone rental from any external agencies/organizations.

There are also many commercial and government external resources for finding rentals and/or sales (such as MSHDA Michigan Housing Locator, Traverse City Ticker, Traverse Area Association of Realtors (TAAR), etc.).

Popular apartment complexes (many more exist, these are just a few):

Smaller resorts may offer long term affordable housing "off season." The off season typically runs Labor Day to Memorial Day. Many are privately owned and are too numerous to list. However, there are a few near the Academy and Northwestern Michigan College campus.