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Sailing Club

Great Lakes Maritime Academy's sailing team competes in regattas across the nation. As a member of the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association, our team welcomes the tough competition and travel that is part of being a sailing team member. The Academy's training waters are outside the maritime harbor in West Grand Traverse Bay. We are looking for cadets who are up for a challenge. From racing in small boat regattas, to competing aboard larger vessels, our crew is always ready to get their feet wet.

Requirements to Compete

You must be a maritime cadet in good standing and attending the Academy full-time to join the sail team. There is no distinction between the Deck and Engineering programs — all true competitors are equal. To travel and compete, you must be registered with the ICSA and not have sailed competitively for more than five years.

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Spring Sailing Club Update

We encourage all cadets interested to join our team. We will get you from a novice sailor to intermediate to understanding racing tactics and sail trim and participating in regattas.

Please feel free contact me with any questions about our organization or anything else pertaining to sailing.

Wyatt Richard, Commodore of Sail Club
Great Lakes Maritime Academy