Your residency and tuition rate is determined during the admissions process based on the permanent address you provided on your application. Completing an NMC Information Change Form will not change your residency or tuition rate unless you are leaving Grand Traverse County or the state of Michigan.

Please review NMC Policy 603.01 for residency definitions and policies here.

To request a review of your residency and tuition rate, please submit the Petition for Review of Residency Status. You will receive an email reply to your Petition to your NMC student email*. This email will:

  1. Verify whether or not you qualify for a review at this time.
  2. Describe the supporting documentation required to continue your review if you qualify. This documentation must be received either in person at the Enrollment Services office (located in Tanis building on main campus), by mail, or as an attachment from your NMC student email account before any changes will be made to your residency or tuition rate.
  3. If you do not qualify, the reply email will provide information on how you may qualify in the future and what supporting documents will be required at that time.

Students under 25 years of age, married students, military students and their dependents, and students with a Temporary Protected Status designation from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may have additional special requirements that will be included in the reply email to your Petition.

The deadline for submission of the Petition for a Review of Residency Status and supporting documentation is the final drop date of the Fall and Spring semesters and the final drop date of the 12-week session for the Summer semester. These dates are available on our Academic Calendar. These semester deadlines will also be provided in the email response to your petition.

Residency and tuition rate changes are not retroactive to any previous or current semesters of enrollment.

Please note, college-owned housing cannot be used to qualify for Grand Traverse County or state of Michigan residency or tuition.

Only Grand Traverse County qualifies for the in-district tuition rate. Not all Traverse City addresses are within Grand Traverse County. If your mailing address is Traverse City, but you reside within Leelanau County, you are not eligible for the in-district tuition rate. Please verify your county of residence if not certain.

*Future students may also submit the Petition for a Review of Residency Status before applying to NMC to verify whether they will qualify, or how to qualify, for a change in residency or tuition rate and what supporting documents will be required. The requirements for submitting supporting documentation are described in #2 above.

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