Please read NMC Policy 603.01 for residency definitions and policies »

Your tuition rate is determined during the admissions process. To change your residency, you must obtain a petition from the Records Office.

  • In-state or Grand Traverse County property owners need to provide a copy of the most recent property tax receipt.
  • Non-property owners must reside at a permanent address in Michigan or Grand Traverse County for a minimum of 6 months taking 5 or fewer credits.
  • Students under 25 years of age, or married students should check for additional special requirements.
  • Campus housing does not qualify for in district rates.

The Petition for a Review of Residency Status and copies of the supporting documentation must be submitted a week prior to the start of the main session.

Completing an NMC Information Change Form will not change your residency unless you are leaving Grand Traverse County or the state of Michigan.

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