NMC Audio Technology program students check out the program's state-of-the-art Raven MTX multi-touch production mixing console

Audio Technology Degrees and Certificates

Students interested in careers in music production and sound recording may enroll in the NMC Audio Tech Program — a program that will prepare students for a career in the audio technology field. Careers in the audio technology field include Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer, Sound Designer, Live and Theater Sound Engineer, Composer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Archivist, Audio and Visual Equipment Technician, Producer, Broadcast Technician, Pro Tools Operator, Audio Editor, and Audio Post Production.

At NMC, we believe our Audio Tech students will be better prepared for the workforce and the ever-changing music industry by combining aspects of a traditional music education, hands-on training on the newest technology, and opportunities to learn in a variety of environments and experiences – studio, stage and classroom. Students will have the opportunity to learn, and work with, industry-standard hardware and software recording platforms including Apple Logic Pro and Avid Pro Tools. Students will also have practical real-world experience in studio and live recording, sound design, composing, mixing, and mastering.

The NMC Audio Technology Program is designed to be completed in four semesters. While completing coursework in the Audio Technology Program, students will have the opportunity to earn platform-specific certification, professional credentials of value, and an Associate in Applied Science degree.

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NMC Audio Tech students set up for a 2017 show at the Opera House
Experiential Learning, Live From Downtown

NMC Audio Tech students handle the sound for a show at the City Opera House, gaining real-world experience in mixing audio for both live and television audiences. Learn more »