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Guest Students

If you're looking to get ahead during a break from your home college or university, NMC could be the perfect place for you!

  • Enroll in one of our general education classes to fill any gaps you may have in your current higher education course plan.
  • Come for a semester to pick up a few credits before heading back to your home school.
  • Finish any outstanding prerequisites for your current program. Transferring credits from NMC is easy!

To get started with the process of becoming a guest student, follow our checklist:

Guest Student Checklist

  • Check with your school

    • Check with your current school to make sure the class(es) you will take at NMC will transfer back to your school. Or check the online Michigan Transfer Network.
  • Complete an online application

    • All guest students should select "Guest Student" as the student type.
  • Email A Copy Of Your Unofficial Transcript Showing That You Are Currently Enrolled In A College Or University

    • Email your unofficial transcript showing that you are currently enrolled in a college or university to
    • If you have taken courses at other colleges or universities that may fulfill pre-requisite requirements for classes that you wish to take at NMC, please email an unofficial copy of those transcripts as well.
  • Complete The Electronic Guest Student Class Information Form

    • Submit the form in the link above to indicate which class(es) you may want to take as a Guest Student. Using your unofficial transcript, we will determine if you meet pre-requisite(s).
  • Register for classes

    • If eligible to become a guest student, you will receive a email and letter of acceptance. You can then register for the class(s) you are eligible to take.
  • Request an NMC Transcript

    • Upon completion of the class, it is your responsibility to have transcripts sent to your current school.
  • Complete new guest application

    • If you would like to apply for a later semester, as a Guest Student, you will need to complete a new online application each semester.

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