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Honors Program

If you're looking to challenge yourself academically, we encourage you to consider NMC's Honors Program. We are proud to be one of the first community colleges in Michigan to have such a program, the heart of which is faculty who invest their time and talent in providing special educational opportunities. Our goal is to enrich students’ intellectual and personal lives.

As part of the Honors Program, you have two options:

  1. "Individualization" of course content for a single course or group of courses for honors credit or
  2. A formal and rigorous two-year program which results in graduation from the Honors Program

At commencement, Honors Program graduates are recognized; they must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 and at least 15 credits in designated honors courses on their transcript. At graduation the following categories are recognized:

  • 3.50–3.75 = With Honor, Honors Program Graduate
  • 3.76–3.90 = With High Honor, Honors Program Graduate
  • 3.91–4.00 = With Highest Honor, Honors Program Graduate

Honors Courses and Contracts

The Honors Program offers both honors courses and enrichment of non-honors classes by individual honors contracts. Most students participate in the honors program through honors contracts. Each semester the Honors Committee reviews each honors contract.

Honors Scholarships

Honors Scholarships are awarded to outstanding full- and part-time students, who have completed at least one course for honors or are completing an honors contract at the time of application. Students must complete the NMC General Scholarship application which can be done here.

Cultural Enrichment

An annual speaker series called Focus on Faculty takes place each spring semester to faculty, students and the community in cooperation with the Center for Instructional Excellence and the Alpha Rho Pi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. Each year the topic of the series is based on the Honors topic which Phi Theta Kappa Honors and National Council of Honors Councils share in common.

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Honors Program Contract

Honors Program Contracts are now being accepted! Contracts for the Fall Semester are due the first Friday in October and for the Spring Semester the third Friday in February. Completed contracts can be submitted to the Advising Office in the Osterlin Building (Room 118).

Honors Program Committee Members

  • Kari Kahler, Honors Director
  • Steve Rice
  • Amjad Khan
  • Mary Jo Elliott
  • Mark Howell
  • Amy Trouslot
  • Glenn Wolff

My NMC Story

“I give endless thanks to NMC for providing me with such a powerful experience of learning and growing.”


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