Admission Standards

Admission is open to all high school graduates, or those who have satisfactorily completed the General Education Development (GED) test or individuals 18 years or older. NMC requires degree-seeking students to submit high school transcripts.

Recognized equivalents of a high school diploma:

  • a GED certificate;
  • a certificate or other official completion documentation demonstrating that the student has passed a state-authorized examination (such as the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET), or, in California, the California High School Proficiency Exam) that the state recognizes as the equivalent of a high school diploma (certificates of attendance and/or completion are not included in this qualifying category);
  • an associate degree;
  • successful completion of at least 60 semester that does not result in the awarding of an associate degree, but that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s degree at any institution; or
  • enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program where at least 60 semester or trimester credit hours or 72 quarter credit hours have been successfully completed, including credit hours transferred into the bachelor’s degree program.

Applicants seeking degrees/certificates or planning to transfer to another college:
A student must be in a degree/certificate program to receive financial aid.

  • Submit an application at
  • Request that an official high school transcript be sent to the Admissions Office.
  • If transferring from another institution, request an official college transcript be sent to the Admissions Office.
  • Attend Orientation.

Applicants wishing to take classes for personal interest or with a high school Certificate of Completion will be non-degree seeking:
Submit an application online at

Application deadlines:
Apply as early as possible prior to the beginning of the semester. Applications are processed as they are received, with the upcoming semester given priority. Deadlines will be posted each semester for degree/certificate-seeking applicants.

Types of Admission

Regular Admission

  • Degree or Certificate Admissions

    For applicants who intend to complete an associate degree, to transfer or to complete a certificate program in an occupational specialty.
  • Non-Degree Admissions

    For applicants who intend to pursue course work in an area of interest to gain skill or for enjoyment.

Dual-Enrolled Admission

For applicants who are enrolled in classes at NMC while still in high school.

Guest Student Admissions

Applicants currently attending another Michigan college or university may apply as a guest student at NMC. Guest students must submit a completed Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application. This application must be submitted for each semester a student plans to attend for a maximum of two semesters. After two semesters, a student must complete an NMC application for admission if they wish to continue to be enrolled at NMC.

Transferring Credits From Other Colleges

If you have credits from another college or university, request the registrar of that school send an official transcript to the NMC Admissions Office. Your credits will be evaluated and the transfer credit evaluation available on your Self Service account. You will receive credit from institutions recognized by Regional Institutional Accrediting Organizations for those college-level courses in which you received a 2.0/C or higher grade and which are similar to courses at NMC. The total number of credits will be recorded on your transcript. In certain circumstances, when applying to specific occupational programs, only the classes that apply to those programs may be evaluated. Only credits transfer, grades do not. If you attended a foreign institution, your transcript must be evaluated by an evaluation service for comparison to regionally-accredited institutions in the United States. Accrediting services recommended by NMC are Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. and World Education Services.

NOTE: If you’ve completed AP credits and need to send your transcripts to NMC, visit

Home-Schooled Students

The application process for home-school students nearly mirrors the application process for the “traditionally schooled” student.

  • Home schooled students must supply:

    • A high school transcript. This transcript can be from a home school curriculum agency, or can be parent (or instructor) generated. The transcript should list courses completed and grades earned. A student may apply while their final coursework is still in progress, but we must receive a “final” transcript indicating date of graduation prior to attendance at NMC.
    • An official ACT or SAT score report. Check with the ACT or SAT organizations for test dates and for information on how to have your scores sent to us.

Dual Enrolled Applicants

Dual enrollment at NMC is selective. High school students must qualify for dual enrollment and admission to NMC.

  • To be considered for academic classes, prospective dual enrolled students must do one of the following:

    • Submit ACT reading score of 19 or higher and writing score of 18 or higher to NMC’s Admissions Office for review, or
    • If you also want to take a college class that requires proficiency in math, you will need an ACT score of at least 21 or better on the math placement test. This may qualify you for Intermediate Algebra or higher.
    • Take a placement test. For information on testing, please call (231) 995-2134. After test scores are on file, students will receive an eligibility letter showing what classes they may be able to take and outlining additional steps in the dual enrollment process.
  • Eligible dual enrolled students who would like to take academic classes must do the following:

    • Complete the dual enrollment application with your high school counselor and obtain all required signatures.
    • Send or bring the application to NMC’s Admissions Office.
    • Attend orientation. At this time students will register for classes. (First-time dual enrollment students must attend an orientation.)
    • Pay for your classes or present paperwork from your school if they are covering the tuition

Admission to Limited Enrollment Programs
Health Occupations have special admissions requirements as outlined under the specific program in this catalog. The Great Lakes Maritime Academy (GLMA) also has special admission requirements. GLMA application packets are available online at or from the Office of Admissions at the Academy, Great Lakes Campus, 715 E. Front Street, (231) 995-1200.

The Right to Appeal
In the event you are denied admission to an occupational program that has special admission requirements, you may appeal such matters to the Director of Admissions and subsequently to an admissions review committee for consideration.

Admission of Out-of-State Students
Northwestern Michigan College welcomes out-of-state student admission applications. If you plan on visiting the Traverse City area, please phone our Welcome Center at (231) 995-1054 for information regarding a campus tour.

International Students

International Admissions
(231) 995-1082

Northwestern Michigan College is authorized by law to enroll non-immigrant students and welcomes these applications. Prospective students are encouraged to apply online at

  • International admissions requirements

    • An International Student is any non-immigrant in possession of or seeking a current F-1, M-1, or J-1 student Visa. The student must complete an NMC International Student Application including all supporting documentation. Completed applications are due June 15 for Fall semester and October 15 for Spring semester.
    • The prospective international student must present official records, marked sheets, transcripts, diplomas and certificates from high schools and all other academic institutions for consideration before admission will be granted. This should include an official record of any postsecondary schooling the student has had in the United States. These records must show courses taken and grades earned, and must be translated into English if the original records are in another language. If a translation is supplied, it should be certified as accurate and correct by an appropriate public or school official, or sponsoring agency or government. The official record in the original language must also be included.
    • The student must provide official test scores to prove adequate proficiency in the English language unless English is their native language. Admission may be granted to a student who has:
      • TOEFL score minimum: 61 IBT, 173 CBT, 500 PBT
      • TOEIC Score minimum: 500
      • IELTS Score minimum: 5.0
    • The student must show proof of adequate financial resources for one year. Details of this requirement are available in the International Student Application.
    • NMC requires international students to have health insurance coverage for the duration of their enrollment and prior to registration. Information about health insurance is included in the application.
    • The student must attend an International Student Orientation at the beginning of the first semester of their enrollment at NMC in addition to attending a General Student Orientation
    • Residence Hall housing is available on campus. Information can be found online at NMC does not assist students in finding host families or housing in the area. Students must provide proof of housing arrangements prior to arrival in the United States.
    • International students transferring to NMC must have their current international advisor complete the Transfer In Form.
  • International Academic Regulations

    • International students must carry no fewer than 12 credit hours per semester with a maximum of 3 online credits. Taking fewer than 12 credit hours per semester is considered a violation of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations. To avoid penalties, international students may not withdraw from any classes without the International Student Advisor’s approval.
    • Before international students may register for their first semester, they must complete placement testing and meet with an NMC academic advisor.
    • If at the end of the first semester international students have successfully completed 12 credits, they may continue regular studies. If not, they must file for reinstatement with the USCIS and complete no less than 12 credits with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher in order to continue studies at NMC. International students who fail to meet this requirement are considered out of status and may be dismissed from the College.
    • At NMC, all credits earned in remedial classes are included in the 12-credits-per-semester requirement.
    • NMC considers international students’ enrollment as their acceptance of the preceding policies. Any irregular academic or personal behavior will be brought before the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services. The student may submit a written appeal of any decision that he or she believes to be unjust. This appeal may be made to the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services. International Enrollment Procedures International students maintain their F-1 visa status if they:
      • Successfully complete 12 credits per semester (Fall and Spring)
      • Maintain no less than a 2.0 grade point average
      • Make continuous progress toward the degree program listed on their I-20 Pay all tuition and College bills when due
      • Exhibit good citizenship The I-20 form will stay in effect through the enrollment period. It will, however, need to be endorsed (signed) no more than five business days in advance of the departure date each time the student leaves the country