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Completing your program of study will open a world of options to you.


  • An associate degree holds a great deal of value (source):
    • A high school dropout will earn roughly $1.2 million over their lifetime;
    • A high school graduate will earn $1.6 million;
    • An associate degree holder will earn $2 million;
    • A bachelor’s degree holder will earn $2.8 million;
    • A master’s degree holder will earn $3.2 million and
    • A PhD will earn $5.9 million.
    • The more you learn, the more you earn.
  • Community college students who transfer to a four-year school will on average post a higher grade point average at that school than their university classmates who started there. You’ll be prepared when you go.
  • NMC awards more scholarships than any other Michigan community college. Those scholarships are awarded to students just like you.
  • Almost half of all enrolled college students (8 million) are attending community colleges. Community colleges aren’t just a viable form of education; they’re a vital form of education.
  • Since 1985, more than half of all community college graduates are women. They are also the fastest growing segment of the workforce. Coincidence?
  • The average age of a community college student is 28. Community colleges are a fit for students of any age.

A few things to think about that will make you more successful:

  • Enroll full-time. Twelve credits per semester is the minimum for full-time status. To graduate on time, you should aim to complete 30 credits per year, or approximately 15 per semester.
  • Avoid dropping classes. Students who complete a higher percentage of their attempted courses have more success overall.
  • A good start goes a long way. Students who complete 20-30 credits in their first year are more successful than those who do not.
  • Get more than just a tan this summer. Earning credits in the summer is a great way to make steady progress toward your degree, especially if you’ve had to drop a class along the way.
  • Maintain momentum. Enroll continuously without stop-outs.
  • We’re here to help you. Seek academic support quickly. Don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed by challenging coursework to get some help. Meet regularly with advisors and register on time for courses. Students who wait to register often find the courses they need have already filled.

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Did You Know?

A person with an associate degree will earn an average of $2 million over their lifetime, compared to $1.6 million for someone with a high school diploma only.

Source: The College Payoff, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce