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Learning Options

Courses at NMC are offered in one of three formats: face-to-face, online, and hybrid.

Teacher in a face to face learning optionFace-to-face courses meet in a classroom at regular, prearranged intervals. Instructors may use online resources to supplement face-to-face instruction.

Teacher in an online learning optionOnline courses meet entirely online. Students are responsible for logging into Moodle in order to complete assignments and activities. Online courses offer greater schedule flexibility, but instructors still assign due dates. Online courses may also have proctored testing requirements that require students to complete tests on campus, at a local proctored test location, or online throughout the semester.

Hybrid teaching modelHybrid courses blend online and face-to-face delivery. Substantial portions of the coursework is delivered online (30 – 79%), typically using tools in Moodle, like discussion forums, assignment drop boxes, or reading assignments. Hybrid courses also meet face-to-face on a reduced schedule.

None of the three options is easier or less time-consuming than the others, but some students may find a particular delivery method a better “fit” for their learning style.

Generally, online and hybrid classes work well for students who have access to a computer with high-speed internet and are:

  • self-directed.
  • effective time managers.
  • computer-savvy and comfortable working with email, uploading, saving and downloading files, Microsoft Office or Google Docs, and basic internet search functions.
  • willing to problem-solve independently.
  • comfortable reading, writing, and communicating online.

Face-to-face classes are an excellent fit for students who:

  • benefit from engaging with instructors and classmates in person.
  • do not have reliable internet access or are not comfortable navigating online.
  • prefer to have immediate feedback and guidance from instructors.
  • can commit to attending class regularly.

If you’re still not sure which method is right for you, try one of these quizzes or ask your advisor:

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