Student Success Center Student Testing Guidelines

  1. Testing services are provided in the Student Success Center located on the main floor (towards the back) of the Osterlin Building. Please see the Student Success Center staff person located at the “check-in/check-out” desk for assistance upon arrival.
  2. Tests can be proctored during the hours that the Student Success Center is open but must be completed prior to closing time. Reservations are not required. You may wish to call ahead to verify hours and/or that your test has arrived. The Student Success Center phone number is 995-2134.
  3. You must present a photo ID – a driver’s license or student ID.
  4. You will be required to provide the following information: your name, instructor name, course name, and test requested.
  5. To maintain a quiet atmosphere, no cellphones, MP3 players, or children are allowed in the Student Success Center, including the testing rooms. Please do not talk unnecessarily to the test proctor once inside the testing room and at no time talk to other students in the testing room.
  6. Once you begin you must complete the exam before leaving the testing room for any reason. Please use the restroom prior to beginning the test.
  7. You will be required to leave all coats, hats, backpacks, and purses in the area designated by the test proctor. These items will not be permitted in the testing room. (Students allowed to use all materials are exempt.)
  8. Your instructor will tell you the testing instructions/parameters. Those same instructions will be provided to the Student Success Center staff and will be adhered to. These instructions will include time limits, and which items can or cannot be used during testing (i.e. notes, books, calculator, etc.).
  9. If you violate the testing guidelines established by the instructor and the Student Success Center or you are caught cheating the proctor has the right to collect your test before you are completed with it. The instructor will be informed of the guideline(s) violated and decide the disciplinary action.
  10. After you have completed the test, whether on-line or paper-pencil, please return the test to the proctor and/or inform the proctor that you are done.
  11. All supplemental items must be turned in with your exam including printed items, take home tests, and notes.