Recognizing those who made a difference

The following people have been recognized by others through gifts to the 2010-11 Campaign for Scholarships & Programs.

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Gifts in honor

Bonnie Alfonso

Pauline Baver

Walter Beardslee

Bob Buttleman

Bruce Byl

Marion Cox

Kathleen Donnelly

Ilse Dove

Carolyn Drake

Deb Faas

Kathleen Guy

Walter Holland

Nancy C. Johnson

Raymond C. Kahler

Stan & Wanda Kozlowski

Natalee Kramer

Peter LaCourse

James MacInnes

Ken Marek

Paul Maurer

Hettie Molvang

Arlo Moss

NMC Art Department

NMC Class of 1951

NMC Enrollment Management & Student Services Staff

NMC Foundation Board, Past & Present

NMC Retirees

DeVere Norman

Sue Pahl

Mary Pierce

Tim Quinn

Ann Rogers

Barbara & Dudley Smith

James E & Sharon A Smith

Jennifer & Casey Smits

James Spenceley

Fred Tank

Roberta Teahen

David Vermetten

Elaine Wood 

Kristin Beth Zimmerman

Gifts in memory

Carole Adler

Dorothy Beckett

Judge Richard L. Benedict

Tucker Byl

Warren Cline

Marian Crossman

Shirlee Davidson

Cortland K. Gore

Jack Cox

Katie Heintz

Ann Mapes

Kenneth Marriott

William McGee

Keith McPhee

Cal & Audrey Messer

Riley Messer

George Miller

Deb Morrow

Gordon Niemi

William O'Riley

Peggy Pronger

Phil Runkel

William J. Shaw

Ray Skelton

Charles Sole

Catherine Strom

James Valovick

Dave Walker

William D. Warren

Lila Wilkinson

Ted & Velma Wright

Ellis Wunsch

William Yankee