Staff Policy D-105.07
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Scholarship

Bachelor of Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science (BS) is for students whose goal is to complete a degree in a select professional field of study at the baccalaureate level.

  1. Communications: 6-8 semester hours
    English Composition (ENG 111 and ENG 112 or ENG 220 or BUS 231)
  2. Humanities: 3 semester hours (Group 1*)
  3. Science/Math: 4 semester hours in science/mathematics
    Must include one lab science (Group 1*)
  4. Social Sciences: 3 semester hours (Group 1*)
  5. Cultural Perspective/Diversity: 3 semester hours
    Choose one course from a list of qualifying courses*
    This course may also be used to fulfill other degree requirements
  6. Math Competency: Fulfilled through competency testing or with a grade of 2.0 or better completion of Intermediate Algebra (MTH 111)
  7. General Education Courses minimum: 30 semester hours chosen from General Education (Group 1*) courses
  8. Meet all program course requirements


  1. Students must complete at least 30 of the 120 credits at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC).
  2. A maximum of two physical education credits and a maximum of two professional development seminar credits, and four academic service learning internship credits may be used toward a degree.
  3. Basic skill courses (numbers under 100) do not count toward graduation, even though they may be needed as a prerequisite to required courses.
  4. A grade of 1.0 or higher is required for course completion. However, students should be aware that simply completing a course is not always sufficient to meet degree requirements or to satisfy prerequisite requirements for other courses or transfer.
  5. Graduation with a Bachelor of Science (BS) from NMC requires that a student complete at least 120 credit hours with a cumulative 2.0 grade point average.

Initially adopted April 19, 2013