Staff Policy D-105.10
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Scholarship

Associate of Science in Engineering (ASE)

The Associate of Science in Engineering (ASE) is a science degree generally pursued by students planning to transfer to a four-year institution to study science or engineering.

ENG 111  Composition 4
ENG 112 Composition 4
Humanities Any Group One Course 3
Social Science Any Group One Course 3
CHM 150/L/R General Chemistry I 5
MTH 141 Calculus I 5
MTH 142 Calculus II 5
MTH 241 Calculus III 5
MTH 251 Differential Equations  4
PHY 221/L/R Problems and Principles of Physics I 5
PHY 222/L/R Problems and Principles of Physics II 5


BIO 227/L Human Anatomy & Physiology I    4
BIO 228/L Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
CHM 151/L/R General Chemistry II           5
CHM 250/L Organic Chemistry I       5
CHM 251/L Organic Chemistry II   5
CIT 110   Programming Logic and Design 3
EGR 101    Introduction to Engineering     1
EGR 113  Engineering Graphics    3
EGR 131   Elementary Surveying    5
EGR 201 Statics 3
EGR 202 Mechanics of Materials      3
EGR 203  Dynamics 4
EGR 211  Electrical Circuits      3
EGR 220 Engineering Practice I    2
EGR 221 Material Science   3
EGR 232 Introductory Thermodynamics   3
ENV 111/L   Physical Geology 4
DEGREE TOTAL     73 Credits


* Direct Electives will be determined by the type of engineering program the student is pursuing and the university for which they are transferring. See Program adviser for Institution / Program course information.

The Vice President for Educational Services, in conjunction with the appropriate faculty and staff, is responsible for the development and publication of any procedures or guidelines that may be necessary to administer this policy effectively.

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Initially adopted January 15, 2021