Staff Policy D-111.02
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Scholarship

Student Journalists Rights and Responsibilities

It is the policy of Northwestern Michigan College that official College-sponsored publications of Northwestern Michigan College have been established as forums for student expression and as voices in the uninhibited, robust, free and open discussion of issues.

Each publication should provide a full opportunity for students to inquire, question, exchange ideas, and experience the responsibilities and rights of a free press.  Accordingly, student journalists shall have the right to determine the content of official student publications.  Faculty advisors will be appointed for each publication and will act only in an advisory capacity.

The Vice President for Educational Services, in conjunction with the appropriate faculty and staff, is responsible for the development and publication of procedures that may be necessary to administer this policy effectively.

Initially adopted as D-308.00 July 11, 1997
Reviewed without revision March 12, 2004
Revised and renumbered D-111.02 December 20, 2006
Reviewed without revision December 2, 2011