Staff Policy D-505.13
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Operations


Posted or distributed materials do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs or practices of Northwestern Michigan College.  Postings will be monitored by Campus Security for compliance with this policy, with the exception of the Student Life dedicated bulletin board located in West Hall.  Nothing stated in this policy is intended to modify or supersede the provisions set forth by the NMC Solicitation Staff Policy D-505.10.

1.    Purpose and Enforcement

a.    To create a campus that supports the missions and goals of the College and provides a campus culture conducive to learning. 

b.    To provide information and a means for college entities to promote activities, events and services as well as allow for the announcement of
matters directly related to the health, safety, security or welfare of the college community.

c.    To maintain a physical environment that is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming for students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members and visitors.  

d.    Campus Security Manager or his/her designee maintains the regulations of this policy.  The College has the right to remove any posting or material that does not meet the criteria within this policy.

Any entity whose postings, promotions or actions violate any terms of these regulations is subject to sanctions that may include but are not limited to warnings, restitutions, loss or suspension of privileges, trespass or expulsion from NMC properties, and or disciplinary/legal actions.

2.    Regulations

a.    Posters and flyers may be displayed on a first-come, first-served basis on designated bulletin boards only.  Locations for approved designated bulletin boards are available from Campus Security or Central Scheduling.

b.    Materials posted on any surface or locations other than designated bulletin boards are prohibited.

c.    Distribution of flyers in parking lots or on vehicles is prohibited.  

d.    All materials must bear the name of the sponsoring entity and contact information.

e.    Materials that promote illegal activities or whose content disrupts campus activities will be removed.

f.    Only one copy may be placed on any designated bulletin board. Posting must not cover up any other posting or information. 

g.    Poster and flyer size shall not exceed 11” X 17” or be smaller than 3” X 5”.

h.    Materials not advertising a date-specific event must have a date indicating when it was posted and cannot be posted longer than 21 days.   Materials are to be removed within 24 hours of completion of an event.  Removal date extensions must be approved by the Campus Security Manager.  

i.    Chalking on campus is permitted only on the College designated concrete-paved sidewalks 25 feet from building entrance doors.  Chalking must be done with a water-soluble powder substance, in open, horizontal areas that can be directly washed by rain.  Approved chalking locations are available from Campus Security or Central Scheduling.  

j.    Printed literature, including newspapers, magazines and phone books, may be distributed in designated areas under the following conditions:

i.    The publisher provides a suitable rack that sufficiently identifies the publication.

ii.    The publisher provides contact information for questions or complaints about the rack and/or publication.

iii.    Approval is received from the appropriate building or department manager or Central Scheduling prior to placing a rack.

iv.    Only one issue or version of a publication is distributed at one time.

v.    No more than one month’s supply will be left at any one time.

vi.    Undated publications will be removed after one month, or at the discretion of NMC.

vii.    Previous or outdated versions of publications are removed by the publisher.

viii.    Upon approval, the following areas have been designated for literature racks and distribution:

Health/Science Welcome Center
University Center Welcome Center
Osterlin Lobby
West Hall Lobby
Dennos Museum Lobby
Great Lakes Campus Rotary Hall
Parsons-Stulen Building Lobby

ix.    NMC student publications, such as White Pine Press and NMC Magazine, may be distributed in other areas, provided other criteria of the policy are met.

k.    Central Scheduling must also review all non-college groups’ directional signage and decorations before they are posted or distributed.  Requests for table tents, electronic posters, banners, free standing signs and displays must be submitted to Central Scheduling.  User must remove all items from College property at the close of the activity unless arrangements have been made with Central Scheduling.  Specific guidelines for signage and decorations are available from Central Scheduling.  Note:  Additional fees may be incurred if signage and decorations are not removed.

l.    Student Life Office, Student Government Association and Official NMC Student Groups shall have a dedicated bulletin board in West Hall.  Student Life Office and Student Government shall determine material content and posting lengths, and will be responsible for monitoring this board.

3.    Appeal Process

a.    Student Organizations – Contact the Dean for Student Services and Enrollment Management.

b.    All others – Contact the Campus Security Manager.

The Vice President of Finance and Administration, in conjunction with the appropriate faculty and staff, is responsible for the development and publication of any procedures or guidelines that may be necessary to administer this policy effectively.

If any provisions(s) of this policy or set of bylaws conflicts with laws applicable to Northwestern Michigan College, including the Community College Act of 1966, the Freedom of Information Act, or the Open Meetings Act, as each may be amended from time to time, such laws shall control and supersede such provisions(s).

Initially adopted October 15, 2010

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