Staff HR Policy D-720.00
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Culture

Sick Leave Policy

Full-time employees shall earn 96 hours of sick leave per anniversary year, accrued on a per-pay basis of 3.7 hours per pay, up to 96 hours per anniversary year, prorated for part-time eligible staff. Accumulation is limited to three times the annual accrual, or 288 hours.

Supplemental staff and any hourly employee who works on average, at least 25 hours per week, for at least 25 weeks or more in a calendar year, will accrue 1 hour of sick time for every 35 hours worked. The maximum accrual in one year is 40 hours. Supplemental Staff may use a maximum of 40 hours during a benefit year. They also may carryover a maximum of 40 hours from one year to the next. Supplemental staff will not accrue sick hours taken off work under this policy. Supplemental Staff who are employed on March 29, 2019, will begin to accrue sick leave on March 29, 2019, and may use any accrued sick time once it is accrued. Supplemental Staff who are hired after March 29, 2019, will begin to accrue sick leave on their hire date, but may not use any accrued sick leave until 90 days after their hire date.

Employees will not be paid sick leave upon termination, resignation, retirement or other separation of employment.

The Associate Vice President of Human Resources, in conjunction with the appropriate faculty and staff, is responsible for the development and publication of any procedures or guidelines that may be necessary to administer this policy effectively.

If any provision(s) of this policy or set of bylaws conflicts with laws applicable to Northwestern Michigan College, including the Community College Act of 1966, the Freedom of Information Act, or the Open Meetings Act, as each may be amended from time to time, such laws shall control and supersede such provision(s).

Authorized on 11/23/09
Revised on 6/24/2014
Revised on 4/27/2020