Staff HR Policy D-726.00
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Culture

Child Care Leave

Child care leave for a period of up to 12 months may be granted to any full- or part-time faculty or staff member on annual appointment who has completed at least one calendar year of continuous service, for the purpose of providing infant child care after the birth or adoption of an infant child.

Accumulated sick leave and wage continuation will be provided for the period of time the employee is certified by a physician as being under medical care and unable to work, as per the provisions of those policies. In the case of adoption, up to five accumulated sick days may be used during the placement of the child. Accumulated vacation shall be used prior to commencement of the unpaid portion of the leave. The remainder of the 12-month leave not covered by accumulated sick leave, wage continuation, or vacation shall be unpaid.

Medical and dental coverage will be provided during the first 12 weeks of the leave, in accordance with the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act. No other salary or benefits will be paid or accrued during the period of the unpaid leave.

Upon return from family and medical leave, the employee will be returned to his or her original position or an equivalent position with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms.

Authorized on 11/17/09