Staff HR Policy D-752.00
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Culture

Termination of Employment

    A written resignation must be received from any regular staff member resigning from employment with Northwestern Michigan College. This shall include the effective date of resignation and the reason for leaving. A form is available for this purpose if desired. Written resignations should be turned in to the division director and forwarded to Human Resources as soon as possible in order to ensure time to process the resignation and search for a replacement.
    An exit interview will be scheduled with Human Resources for each regular staff member leaving NMC.
    Any regular staff member who is leaving the College for more than six months must complete a staff member check-out sheet. (This procedure does not apply to adjunct faculty or staff members who will be returning to the College.)
    If said staff member does not initiate the check-out sheet, the immediate supervisor shall be responsible for initiating it on behalf of the staff member.
    The final paycheck will be disbursed/released on the earliest possible payday after receiving the completed form.

Authorized on 11/17/09