Staff HR Policy D-761.00
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Culture

Policy Against Disability Discrimination-Employment

It is the College's policy not to discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities and to provide reasonable accommodations as required by law to otherwise qualified applicants, faculty or staff with disabilities in all employment practices.

It is the policy of NMC to consider qualified applicants with disabilities in its hiring process. If an applicant with a disability is qualified for a position that is available and can perform the important parts of the job, either without help or with a reasonable amount of help, it is NMC's policy to consider that person on an equal basis with any other applicants who apply for the job.  NMC will not make disability a factor in its hiring process; its employment decisions are based on job-related criteria, such as qualifications and experience, alone.

It is NMC's goal to hire the best-qualified individual for every position.  Employees are recruited and hired based on their abilities, not their disabilities.  Every effort will be made by NMC to have job advertising and job applications that are accessible to persons with disabilities.  In addition, NMC will make all reasonable accommodations to facilitate access to any location where it conducts interviews for persons with disabilities.  Questions asked in interviews will be designed to find out whether the candidate is the best-qualified person for the job and will not delve into non-job-related areas.

Employment Concerns

A complaint may be filed with the Director of Human Resources at 231.995.1342 or any executive staff member by any person who feels that he or she has been subjected to discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on disability.  See Staff Procedure D-702.01 Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure.

Facilities Concerns

It is the desire of NMC to make its facilities accessible to customers with disabilities.  The Vice President of Finance and Administration at 231.995.1144 should be contacted by any person who is aware of areas or services in and around NMC that are not accessible to persons with disabilities.

NMC is dedicated to protecting the rights provided to individuals with disabilities.  Accordingly, it will in no way retaliate against anyone who asserts the rights provided by any federal, state, or local civil rights law.

The Vice President of Finance and Administration will develop specific procedures dealing with facility issues.  The Director of Human Resources will develop specific procedures dealing with accommodations related to applicants as well as current faculty and staff.

If any provision(s) of this policy or set of bylaws conflicts with laws applicable to Northwestern Michigan College, including the Community College Act of 1966, the Freedom of Information Act, or the Open Meetings Act, as each may be amended from time to time, such laws shall control and supersede such provision(s).

Authorized on 7/23/04