Tuition discount for Grand Traverse County businesses

If you are a business located in Grand Traverse County and you pay for your employees to take classes at Northwestern Michigan College, you can now send all of those employees at the lower in-district tuition rate regardless of whether they actually live in Grand Traverse County themselves.

For all of your employees to be eligible for the lower rate, just meet the following criteria:

  1. Employer is located in Grand Traverse County
  2. Employer sets up a 3rd party contract with NMC to pay their employees tuition and fees each semester

Between the lower rate ($122/credit vs $261/credit) and potential eligibility of your employee for Michigan Reconnect, your employees may be able to take their classes at a reduced rate or even free of tuition and fee costs.

How do you sign up for this program?

  1. Contact NMC at and request to setup a third party vendor account.
  2. Submit authorization forms each semester indicating which employees are covered.
  3. Pay a single invoice each semester.

What does your employee need to do?

  1. Apply to NMC at
  2. Complete all requested enrollment steps