NMC announces plans for fall semester and safety guidelines

TRAVERSE CITY — Northwestern Michigan College’s plan for fall semester includes face-to-face and online formats with an emphasis on safety and flexibility.

NMC has a wide range of unique programs and students with varied learning needs. To help meet those needs, the College developed an overarching safety structure with flexible learning options.

The plan includes these main categories:

  • Programs required to meet face to face in the fall because of accreditation regulations will be able to do so. This includes programs like Dental Assistant and the Police Academy.
  • Occupational programs required to offer their curriculum face to face due to specific and unique instructional needs will be able to do so. Aspects of their programs that can be offered remotely, should be. This includes programs like Maritime.
  • General Education courses will be offered in three different formats:
    • Hybrid courses, a combination of both face-to-face and online, will be offered for those courses that require face to face instruction for some activities but can also offer other parts of the coursework online. This includes programs like Fine Arts.
    • Livestream classes will be offered. These classes are similar to traditional classes in that they are held live at a scheduled time, but students and the instructor will now attend virtually.
    • Online courses will be offered. These classes give the student the most flexibility and allow them to complete the coursework when it best suits their schedule.

Every face-to-face class will follow all college rules for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. These rules adhere to state and national guidance as well.

“I am so proud to see how agile our faculty and staff have been in coming up with creative ways to meet the needs of our learners in a safe way. This includes the quick pivot in the spring and a comprehensive plan for the fall,” NMC President Nick Nissley said. “While this is a challenge, it is also an opportunity to reimagine how we approach higher education and NMC is embracing it. This work, plus the commitment to no tuition increase for the upcoming academic year, should give our students certainty, in an otherwise uncertain time, when it comes to NMC’s commitment to helping them reach their goals.”

The Reimagining Fall Opening Committee of faculty and staff has been meeting regularly since May 7 to create the plan.

The College is currently updating the fall schedule to reflect the new plan. Students will be able to access the updated course catalog starting June 24 to continue to develop their fall semester schedules and register for classes.

NMC Vice President for Educational Services Stephen Siciliano said, “Faculty and staff believe it is critical to listen to and respond to student needs. This plan is designed to offer maximum flexibility to meet those needs. It also allows us to adjust quickly, if we have to, as the situation around the pandemic evolves, so we can continue learning and help students complete their goals.”

To keep students and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the College also launched a Reopening Committee with a focus on campus safety. That committee developed a comprehensive Exposure Control Plan and a Reopening Plan to serve as NMC’s primary safety resource. Individual programs developed specialized safety plans to support their unique student and employee needs while still meeting the college-wide safety requirements. For more information on NMC’s safety plan please visit nmc.edu/keep-safe.


RELEASE DATE: June 12, 2020
Updated June 22, 2020 to note that updated course catalog will be available June 24



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